Local entrepreneurial community facilitates global success

November 19, 2018


BusinessAalborg has recently posted an interesting article about ICEBREAKER Nordic. The article focuses on what it means to be part of an entrepreneurial environment in the City of Aalborg. In addition, the article cites Kim Jensen, founder of ICEBREAEKER Nordic, who explains that: “Sharing your workplace with other entrepreneurs, who also have a focus on scalability, makes a huge difference”. Moreover, Kim describes that being in an entrepreneurial environment allows you to share knowledge with others on your challenges and ideas. In the article, he further describes that the entrepreneurial environment in Aalborg has grown within the last couple of years, and that it now includes more environments and initiatives compared to when Kim first established ICEBREAKER Nordic back in 2014. Furthermore, the article describes the journey of the ICEBREAKER Urban®, from when the idea first hit, to when it was brought to life and launched as an actual product on Kickstarter, finishing off with the visions on what is expected to happen in the future of ICEBREAKER Nordic.

You can read the interesting article by following the link (the article is in Danish):