ICEBREAKER Urban on International Television!

June 5, 2019


At the end of 2018, ICEBREAKER Urban was featured in New York Live TV’s: “Most Brilliant Home Products of 2018.” The brief show, which is just short of 4 minutes long, features Parker Larson from Architectural Digest, who presents a handful of products that won the Cleverest Awards of 2018 – out of hundreds of other innovative home products.

Among others, Parker Larson states that the selected winners stood out from the rest due to multiple aspects, such as: “The most unique, they solve a problem, and they are so genius you’d wish you’d thought of them.”

It’s not long ago that we, at ICEBREAKER Nordic, were just a small start-up company. Therefore, we are incredibly thankful and honored to see that people around the globe share our enthusiasm for ice cubes and our product – ICEBREAKER Urban.

You can watch the entire clip yourself by clicking here