ICEBREAKER Nordic on National Television!

December 7, 2018


In November 2018, ICEBREAKER Nordic was featured in the Danish TV series called ‘365 Dage til Succes’ (365 Days to Success). The series provides insight into the lives of entrepreneurs and shows that it is not exactly a walk in the park, even if the company is founded on a great idea. In the episode featuring ICEBREAKER Nordic, we follow the company’s founder, Kim Jensen, on his journey to establish a financially viable company with his own invention – the ICEBREAKER Urban. At the beginning of the year, we see Kim Jensen in the store, Bahne, showing off the product to bypassers – without selling a single product. The goal was to sell 50.000 ICEBREAKER Urbans within one year, but with a niche product in its own category, it takes time to make people aware that such product even exists – and further, to show people why they are missing this product in their everyday lives. Because of this, “only” 10.000 products had been sold before the last recording of the program. Thereby, the program ended with Kim Jensen telling Jacob Risgaard that he had taken yet another loan of 2 million DKK to keep the business running – a loan that he was personally liable for. This was something that Jacob Risgaard was not too happy to hear about, but fortunately, it has paid off, as ICEBREAKER Nordic has more than doubled its turnover since the end of the program. Further, the ICEBREAKER Urban has been sold to more than 70 different countries and is currently developing new products.