Danish crowdfunding success hits the shelves

November 1, 2017


For three years, the Danish entrepreneur Kim Jensen has been developing the ICEBREAKER, a new way to make and serve ice cubes. Now, the day has come to launch the product on the Danish market.

Today is a big day for the team behind ICEBREAKER. In the last three years, the team led by entrepreneur Kim Jensen, have worked intensively on revolutionizing the ice cube market. The outcome is ICEBREAKER, which is a hand-held ice cube maker that replaces the traditional thinking on ice cubes.

The project was funded via the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. At that time, it was already promising. The interest for ICEBREAKER was huge with many ICEBREAKERs sold before the production was started. Now, ICEBREAKER is available for purchase on the Danish market in leading retail chains including Bahne, Sinnerup and selected Kop&Kande shops.

– I am very proud that we now are ready to launch ICEBREAKER. It is a product that the whole team has worked hard to make a reality. We have never compromised on technology, functionality and design and finally we are ready to introduce ICEBREAKER for the first time in Denmark, the founder of ICEBREAKER Nordic ApS, Kim Jensen says.

With the ICEBREAKER, it is a matter of course to always have easy access to ice cubes. It adds some extra luxury to your everyday life and will be a natural part of the dining table. A simple concept – however, even simple things may take long time to develop, design and produce.

– Even though I began to work on my dream of revolutionizing the ice cube market three years ago, it has taken a lot of time and resources to get where we are today. ICEBREAKER should be easy to use by everyone and therefore the whole development process has been complicated in order to make a product that is both simple to use and is in line with the Nordic design style, Kim Jensen explains.


The ICEBREAKER project was initiated when Kim Jensen took a big step by leaving his leadership position at Novo Nordisk. He was very satisfied with his job, but the dream about becoming an entrepreneur with his ice cube idea was growing.

– I was very happy with my job at Novo Nordisk, but I could not let go of the thought about making a hand-held ice cube maker. All the time I was thinking that someone else would come up with the same idea before me. But as it did not happen, I had to follow my dream, Kim Jensen explains.

Now, the ICEBREAKER is launched and even though it needed a lot of hard work to reach the goal, Kim Jensen managed to keep up his spirit.

– I have been totally dedicated to this project and I have done everything I could for this project to succeed. That is also why I do not see it as a job, because it is willing hands that make light work. And of course, it has been a great support to have a motivated team behind me when challenges arise. Together we are the ice cube movement, as we challenge the traditional thoughts about the use of ice cubes, Kim Jensen concludes.

The ICEBREAKER journey begins now on the Danish market and with 8 patens distributed in 10 countries, the ambitions are high. Kim Jensen will enter the rest of the world in near future. But first, the focus will be placed on the Danish launch, which will be part of the coming Christmas shopping.