Danes want ice cubes in their drinks

August 30, 2018


The Danes want ice in their drinks when the warm weather hits, and this has shown these last few weeks. It has also easily been noticed at the Danish start-up company ICEBREAKER Nordic, whom offer a smart, innovative hand-held ice cube device.

“Danes have a great love for the Southern Hemisphere where the warm weather encourages cosy times with a cool drink on a sidewalk cafe, or on the terrace of your hotel room, just enjoying the nice weather. And with the Danish heatwave happening right now, we really see that the Danes have picked up the Southern habits when it comes to the use of ice cubes”, Kim Jensen, the founder of the entrepreneurial company ICEBREAKER Nordic in Aalborg, ascertains.

These days, we hear and read about heat records and warm weather forecasts like never before. The weather is for many a daily topic of discussion, and with the sun and summer heat whole new everyday patterns follow for many of us. We might leave work a little earlier, we eat gallons of Danish koldskål and we spend a lot more time thinking of outdoor activities and what to cook on the grill for dinner.


ICEBREAKER was launched in Denmark in November last year and shortly turned out to be a great gift idea, ending up underneath many Christmas trees – despite the cold.

“It has been an amazing journey with ICEBREAKER,” North-Jutland entrepreneur and founder of ICEBREAKER Nordic LLP, Kim Jensen, elicits. “Where we last year were the ones out canvassing and offering our product to detail stores, we are now overwhelmed by enquiries from resellers who want ICEBREAKER in their assortment.”

In fact, sales have exploded and in the spring months of 2018, as the North Jutland company increased its sales by more than a hundred-fold compared to a few months earlier. And the interest in ICEBREAKER is no longer only in Denmark, but worldwide. Especially Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom show interest, but also in the United States, the ICEBREAKER has been met with positivism and sales. Despite the increase in sales, the company has not run short of the popular ice cube device, having prepared and studied weather forecasts several months in advance. “We took a chance and hoped for a warm summer and it turned out to be the right decision,” Kim Jensen explains.

The company can easily thank the European heatwave for the growing interest. “This heatwave is more valuable to us than an entire month of television campaigns,” Kim Jensen says with a smile.