ICEBREAKER Nordic is the company behind ICEBREAKER. We are a group of ice cube enthusiast, who share a love for ice cubes and a love for innovating, improving, and changing the ways people use and make ice cubes – Our goal is to revolutionize the ice cube industry.

We want to make ice cubes an integrated and indispensable part of peoples’ lives. We want to tell, how a seemingly insignificant thing like ice cubes have a huge impact on our lives. We want to be – like ice cubes – that small part of our daily-life which makes everything better, more refreshing, and cooler.

The introduction of ICEBREAKER – the world’s first hand-held ice cube maker – is just the beginning. We will in the future introduce more cool products that will innovate the way we use and make ice cubes. Through these products we want to spread the joy of using ice cubes and make ice cubes more accessible and easier for people all over the world.